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Hello there FindingMyselfInTheGrey,

I just joined this place recently but have been attracted to the lifestyle for many years. I lived it for a little while so I know it can work but only if everyone agrees on everything.

I too find your story very moving and I too found out about your situation recently, of there being people such as yourself that do not desire sexual relations but are full of love and willing to give it and receive it. You sound like you went to the ends of the earth just to find your true love once again.

I was also with someone hypersexual for many years and would also just go along with it to make him happy. I do not consider myself an asexual as I feel I have a normal sex drive. I may be with someone at the moment that has a low sex drive but has on nonetheless.

At least now I feel I don’t have to “put out” when I don’t want to and it’s sort of a relief, as you called it a “chore”, much like doing the dishes…they gotta be done, just as the hubby’s gotta be done.

If you want to chat with me, I’m someone you can reach out to if you ever just wanna talk about it, such as living with three people in a polyamorous relationship, such as what are the pitfalls and the rewards.
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