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Excellent link Student! Looking from a purely communicative point of view, this topic is a mess. There are too many interpretations of various scenarios, and so much gets lost on a posted message. Inflection and body language make up a huge portion of conversation, and they dont have any real way of translating onto a page effectively.

NOTE I am not calling out anyones message as insincere, and not trying to instigate with this next point. Just using it to illustrate a point about comunication in a forum.

Even within the very small thread, there is the possibility of a miscommunication, with Bellas post

Yes, it must be difficult to not look like a unicorn hunter.

Tough one indeed.

If said in normal conversation, this is a simple acknowledgement of the difficulties faced by the OP. If said sarcastically, it means the exact opposite.

I found the link you provided to be extremely useful.
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