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Default Howdy Poly People!

Hey everyone,
I'm Tim, and i am new to these forums.

I am married to a beautiful woman, we have been together for eight years. We live together in southern Alberta. We have no children, nor any plans on having any.

I am 30, white, confident, and mature. I love to read, I ride motocross, and i work in the oilfield service industry. My wife and I travel wherever and whenever we can. I am learning spanish.

I am very analytical, so i try to voice my feelings to compensate for this. I am confident, but try to avoid being cocky. I hate the word "NO". I love to grow, change, and adapt. I could never work in an office, doing 9 to 5. Even saying it sounds like a prison sentence.

I have been in love with three different women in my life, and still hold a deep affection for all three.
My wife, first and foremost, is many ways my exact opposite. I believe the differences between us compliment our own strengths, and mitigate our weaknesses. She is the love of my life.
My closest, and longest, friend "D" has never let me get away with anything. The first to call me on my bullshit, and the first to snap me back to the real world when i need it.
Finally, "J" and i will forever be moving in different directions, but i love her just the same. She has never judged me, never thought less of me for my actions, and always supported me. A rare friend indeed.
I wouldnt give up any of these women for anything.

I hate labels, but i understand the need some have for them. I have never been romantically or sexually attracted to a man, but i wont count out the possibility. I believe it just hasnt happened yet.

I am a true blooded, chest thumping, maple syrup loving, national anthem singing Canadian, and proud to call this wonderful country home. Except i cant stand hockey.

All the best to you and yours,
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