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Originally Posted by Ceraste1 View Post
I am the husband to "findingmyselfinthegrey".
I wasnt going to post anything but some of the posts rather irk me for lack of a better term. I almost feel like my wife is on the recieving end of the Bill Clinton inquisition board to try and define the word "is". If you find the word Hypersexual offensive and you have never heard the term before and your 57 and been living this life and on here as a Senior member and this is rather how you delve out advice then we really dont need this place.
I understand you're feeling cranky. I've moved on... Of course, your wife can use whatever term she likes, from her asexual, sometimes antisexual board. However, I'd say this is a sex positive board here, and being called "overly" sexual ("hyper" being Latin for "too much") is going to offend some of us who just feel we have a strong healthy sex drive-- on the high end of average perhaps, but not "too much".

Now that you've put a number on your desires, twice a day, 7 days a week, I'd say, yeah, you're a horny guy, maybe more like a teen or 20something. However, many post-menopausal women have sex drives like teen boys, no longer being bombarded with estrogen and progesterone every month. If we can find partners or masturbate to satisfaction, and we don't miss work or other commitments just to have sex, well, it's not too much or an addiction.

We are not unicorn hunting..which her and I both found offensive to suggest beings she mearly introduced herself and told what we might like to achieve in life. We have done some reading and mearly wanted to branch out to others and learn some of the successes and pitfalls of living and exploring this lifestyle. ... I find it rather distasteful how she was cut down here and treated with litte respect or regard. I would have thought that a "freelove" society would have been a little more open and understanding and maybe even asked the question before spewing forth what they thought was there definition of what is right and wrong.
You will see unicorn hunters being warned off their quest with regularity here. Funny, people new to poly think we are all, or should be, "open" to just about anything. Being poly, however, does not mean one is open to anything! We all have our standards and boundaries. Many of us have been burnt in unicorn/triad attempts, as either the prey or the hunters... It's a red flag.

...I think you owe her an apology for the way you spoke to her. She used no discrimitory or dirogitory terms here and meant zero offense to anyone. All the words and what she wanted into life didnt fit into your little box of reality so instead of being nice and talking about it, its better to be rude. Great forum. Sorry we dont want to have a half dozen people in our life. Sorry we cant be like you.
I thought I was being nice and talking about it. And no, I certainly do not have a half dozen people in my life. I've got a bf and a gf. In the past year I've been seeing my bf, we've socialized as a 3some 6 or 8 times. After 6 months of knowing my bf, he and my gf realized they were attracted to each other so we've had a few play sessions... It was never a goal and we don't desire to do it often. Currently my bf and gf do not have other lovers or cuddle partners and are not seriously seeking any.

My ex-husband and I, in fact, started out as unicorn hunters ourselves, in our ignorance and naivete, back in 1999.

Hope this isnt how all new members are recieved. One person knows everything and the rest stand around and take it.
Spend a little time here and you will see this is hardly the case. You will get some advice you may not expect or welcome as noobs, however. We aren't "yes men" here.

Oh and in case your wondering why I didnt have an introduction....Lord knows I didnt want to offend someone because I want sex twice a day every day 7 days a week and I dont have a term for what I am....I am definatly not just horny
So, you feel wanting sex twice a day is a problem, an abnormality? As I said above, for me, it's not a terrible problem.

Good luck with your marriage and dating! I hope you both find the partner(s) of your dreams.
Love withers under constraint; its very essence is liberty. It is compatible neither with envy, jealousy or fear. It is there most pure, perfect and unlimited when its votaries live in confidence, equality and unreserve. -- Shelley

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