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Oh dear lord.

This guy PMs me

I happened to be on, so I checked his profile. While I was looking at it (cute, 31, from NYC, likes jazz and good books, proessional) he PMs me again:

I appreciate a woman who knows ao clearly what she wants.
So, I write back:

Well, thanks. Surely when one reaches ones 50s, one should know what the fuck she wants.
So he writes immediately:

allow yourself to be: indulged then
I write back:

What do you mean?
his response:

I mean
it is friday morning
I am in LA
walk to your bed
tell me your number
allow yourself
Can you believe it? So I write back:

Oh, where did you get the idea what I want is phone sex with a stranger? lol
I could have been a lot ruder, but I am nice like that.

*shakes head*

He didn't respond after I lol'ed at him.
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