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Epiphany was it? They can be painful I know. I guessed LDS stood for latter-Day Saints but I wouldn't have been able to tell you what that meant.
What would happen to your friend if he came out as Atheist? I still haven't come out to my parents that I'm attracted to people regardless of gender so I take no high ground. Although in my defence, I have no interest in the sexual appetites of either of my parents and think it none of my business. Likewise, I see mine none of their business. I know it'd not be welcome news. I think I'm perhaps a little cowardly in all honesty but we weigh up the pros and cons and make our choices - frying pan or fire?
I get the impression you care deeply for you brothers despite these fundamental differences.
Musical huh? Do you ever write anythin?
I like trad gospel/black slave blues dirges and that kinda shit but when religion creeps into it it sullies it for me.
'I can't be 100% sure that my physical senses are true indicators of my environment.'
Well worded. I was going to correct you out of habit before realising there was no need - our senses serve as indicators or more accurately what they sense serve as indicators.
It does suck that that there is so miniscule hope for our generation to ever see humanity mature enough to leave superstition behind and to live for the collective. All we can do is do our best to make it happen whilst enjoying what little we can of our own meagre lives.
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