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Yeah, that basically sounds like it. Is there anything else? Yes. I've lost sight of what I want out of being poly, which is variety of lovers and people to date and community. I need to reconnect to this. I'm starting to go on dates, too. I am having more get togethers with friends, poly or not. I'm focusing more on the things that I'm working on in life, like starting my own business and losing weight and other things. I'm cuddling with my cats more. And it's really helping to take my mind off of this whole situation. Not forget it, but not go crazy over it.

Someone here in the poly community suggested that I should really focus on these things and work on being secure in other aspects of my life, or at least, as secure as I can be. That is, focusing on friends, career, health, spirituality, supportive community, etc. And that having a solid "base" that help me feel that life is rewarding and that I can feel good about myself...And I think that's really key.

So, thanks everyone for replying and helping me through this and think about these things in different ways. It's definitely not over or solved, but I'm feeling better.
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