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Originally Posted by LateToTheParty View Post
He also said that in all his years of working with clients, those who have HSV don't experience many outbreaks at all...which is contrary to the scary '4 to 5' outbreaks a year that I've read about online.
A good friend of mine told me that his outbreaks used to last three or four days, it was just a small patch of an itchy rash. Then it goes away and this happened three or four times a year or whenever he was very stressed. The patch is always the same size, never grows. But as the years have gone by, he now gets it maybe once a year or once every other year. The longer you have it, and the longer you are on the preventive meds, the less often it comes to the surface. That's it - not so scary or a big deal. And he can feel it coming before the virus actually erupts at the surface, which I have heard before. So, for many people, as I had said in my quoted post, it's just a "pesky skin condition." It is unfortunate that it is viewed so harshly because sex is one way to get it. Nobody is shunned for having psoriasis, which can be just as problematic, and quite disabling.
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