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Well, in some ways it has nothing to do with us. People who have gone before have created a certain dynamic that is viewed in a certain way, and we are just showing up at the end of the party and being told about what a huge mess there is to clean up. I try not to take it personally, since I have yet to have an actual polyamorous relationship. I know I didn't play a part in creating the mess, so to speak.

But there we are and there the mess is. And if we want to enjoy the space, we could pitch in and help clean up, I guess. Be sure to do things the right way, act responsibly and ethically. Trouble is, when that was your intention from the get-go, it's hard to be treated as though you walked in with poo on your shoe, scattering used beer cans, and spitting on the floor.

Is that kind of what you meant? Are we seeing this the same way?
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