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Originally Posted by franchescasc View Post
Searching for some advice from those who've been there...
I've never been in the exact situation you describe, but I've 'been there' in the sense of wanting many things out of life, all at once, and realizing something has to give.

I feel like I'm at a crossroads right now. But I so desperately don't want to give up what I have with my girlfriend. And I so desperately don't want to lose what my husband and I have built. I want both.....I'm just not sure that's possible. Advise, thoughts, stories....anything?
If I knew a kinder way to say it, I would. But I can only say, as adults, we can't build our lives around what we want. We build our lives around principles, ethics, obligations to others, duty, responsibilities to our children and spouses. You have five children counting on you and needing you. Start from there.
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