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Exclamation i need advice

Hello dear comrades. first sorry my english .

I need some help organizing my ideas regarding love ,etc.

so im a guy, and i love a girl, we love each other. we feel very emotionally attached to each other, I protect her a lot, both me and her help each other on our troublesome lifes.
Both me and her, are the Introvert type of people,we socialize with some ppl, yeah, but , honestly im a bit more social than her.
And im with her for 3 years, and sometimes im starting to feel limited and Bound socially.
I am a very open minded dude, what really matters for me is Love, the feeling, not the Carnal attraction of sex... Yes, i fuck with her, and i love it, but its not her pussy that i like... its her person, her soul... Everybody likes sex, right? But sex is a carnal thing... love is not.
And lately i have been asking to myself... what is the difference between a Female best friend and a girlfriend?
If my GF was a male , and taking into account that im not Gay, me and "him" would be just like me and she are, except the Sex part....
Honestly i would not care if she would fuck other dudes, as long as she dont hide it from me, and as long as she would not become a bitch and fuck the first dude she sees, as long as she trusts the dude, she doesnt hide it from me, i dont really care...
but she does care ...
the sole concept of me speaking to her cousin, is enough for her to become jealous and afraid of losing me... Yes, i would love to experiment stuff with her cousin, i will not deny that... and me and her cousin are also very good friends. But I am a honest person and i dont want to do anything that will hurt anybody....
I need advice, on 2 things...
first: How can i convince her that for me, it doesnt matter who fucks who, but who loves who, who trusts who and , who Respects who? Her jealousy is very infantile, but i understand her at some point, because im her first BF, and she doesnt have too much friends... BUT man, im not a monster, i wont leave her for any girl only because i speak with a girl... since i was young i always had a ease to talk with girls, and thanks to her i lost some good old friends... :\ I have a very open mind and i have my principles and ideals pretty defined, and i have good intentions with the ppl i love, but this situiation is killing me from the inside.

second: both me and her are not the kind of ppl who go to friday night shit , we actually abominize that kind of life. For me , Sex requires Trust, and intimacy... For her, sex requires a romantic relationship of Boyfriend\girlfriend. And its hard for me to be called a boyfriend, because even tought im always there for her and have the funtions of a boyfriend, im also her best friend and i have been always loyal to her. I really see no difference between a Boyfriend and a best friend, since its only a LAbel in my opinion , Boyfriend is a pretext word for a man to fuck a girl, and then dump her 2 months later... im not that. if she decides to not have sex with me anymore i will not leave her, i can totally agree with not fucking her...
and there is another thing its making me start to become insecure.. if i label myself "best friend" Im afraid of her getting a dude that fits her definition of Boyfriend, and that boyfriend brainwashes her against me... I Love her, and she loves me, i wouldnt mind living my whole life wihich her, but without all that nonsense jealousy and shit... what can i do??

Sorry for the LONG text, if you bother to read it to the end, i would really apreciate!

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