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@Malfunktions Thank you for responding. Things with myself and my new guy just kind of progress at a slower rate. The first time we split off for seperate dates, he and I drove around for 5 hours, way into the early morning, and did nothing more than talk (which was amazing! hard for me to feel that comfortable with someone) and 2 quick kisses. That same night they'd stripped completely naked, grinded all over eachother, both got off twice and did everything they could short of switch body fluids or have sex. It would have been easier for THEM if i'd had sex with my guy, maybe easier for me and my husband, but not easier for my new relationship. (if that makes sense?) because it wasnt right. I spent the first hour just awed and amazed at how good his skin felt and how he looked without a shirt on. i savored every experience and every moment and we just were in a better spot only doing those things.

So more of a conundrum, but not one I know that I would have changed just to make things better in another relationship at the risk of cheapening the amazing experience and resulting connection itself.
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