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Arrow We are not all Unicorn Hunters!!

Originally posted to a diff forum but I moved it here too

Hey all,
Not normally a venter but I HAVE been jaded.

And no, before I start, this did not happen on this site. Everyone that I've met here has been the very bestest!

5 TIMES. that's the number of times I have been labeled a Unicorn Hunter.

My LTR and I have decided to add a third. I am bi. He is straight. So far yes, it's adding up to possible Unicorn Hunter alert status. But here's the kicker. We have no bridge to gap, perfectly content with each other. Lack nothing. Want for nothing. He wants to welcome another woman, I want to welcome another companion. No one knows a girl like a girl! Plainly put.
He's 33 and a VERY active sexual beast, LOL, and I'm a 27 year old with a submissive personality. Another woman will be able to satiate his prowess as I won't feel like a literally rubbing post HA HA HA HA HA.

The only way to approach this situation is with humour because there is nothing wrong here. But when we post that we're looking to date, to add, etc, we are met with criticism.

Reasons this irritates me:
1) We're looking for an equal companion
2) We have no idea what we're looking for so there's no list of best qualities or things we'd like to see.
3) We don't "shark" the bar scene.
4) We're NOT the Bonnie and Clyde of Polyamory. We're not looking to find the optimum and then corrupt and defile.

So that's pretty much it... Apologies if my thought process is all over the place and difficult to follow cause I refuse to proof read rants. Because when you proof read rants they become a methodical complaint.

Anyone feeling me? Sound off below!!!!
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