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Ocean didn't get the job in the end, so he will be based here for the next wee while. It's disappointing, but also a relief. Makes the logistics of our love life much simpler for the next couple of years, at least.

Just to muddy the waters though, I applied for a job in a nearby city (jobs in my area of work are quite thin on the ground, so have been looking further afield) and got it. It's a six-month fixed term contract, so although I'll be away from Ocean & Grotto, it won't be for too long.

Grotto's work offers week-long stints in that city, so he may take a few of them in order to see me (yay!) and Ocean has also promised to visit. As for me, I'm looking forward to having some time out by myself. I have friends and family there but I'm not sure where I'll stay. Maybe somewhere completely different. Ah. Adventures.

On the topic of adventures, I had a surprising hook-up recently with someone who opened up about his attraction to me after hearing that Ocean & I were not monogamous. He's beautiful, and smells like the forest. I lust after the sap of his skin. We haven't spent too much time together but oh, it's good. We have a friendship we treasure, so I'm not sure if this is going to be a friends-who-fuck deal - or, as I like to say, "fucking good friends" - or something more romantic. He says he tends to be able to keep the sex-track and the friendship/intimacy-track quite separate, so will see how it goes. We have a massage and movie date pending for next week. My body quickens when I think of it

He's friends with Ocean too, and has met Grotto recently and liked him. Also, he's queer, and I've been fantasising about all the obvious things. Grotto hasn't helped by making sly suggestions of his own. Well, nothing wrong with a lively imagination per se

Grotto & I took a huge hit the other day when I reacted really poorly to a minor miscommunication. It made me crash emotionally, and a number of things tumbled for me and I felt like I didn't want to be with him anymore. An awful, teary conversation later and we realised there were a several things I needed to talk with him about, that had been festering but I didn't realise. It's shaming me a bit, because Grotto absolutely does not bottle anything up. If he feels something, he says it. I try to communicate well, but I sometimes misjudge my thoughts as trivial, and decide not to share when I probably should have. (Incidentally, Ocean is at the other end of the spectrum, rarely sharing if he's upset about anything. So I can sometimes empathise with how Grotto feels vis-a-vis me, by thinking of how I feel when Ocean behaves similarly, in a relative sense)

Ocean's been spending a lot of time with Menrva & Bert. Most of his dates with Menrva seem to be with Bert as well. I don't envy him, though the three of them seem to get along well. He's over at their place watching a movie right now. I've really been enjoying all the space to myself. It's good to come home to an empty house most nights.

This weekend we're going as a whole family (Ocean, Grotto, Menrva, Bert & myself) to a local poly social. Been a while since the five of us hung out, will be interesting. I didn't expect Bert would be keen on something like this... Surely, surely, surely he doesn't intend the DADT to continue? I mean. I've still never directly discussed being poly with him. In a group, we never speak any words to indicate that Bert & Menrva are in an open relationship, or that she is seeing Ocean.

There'll be drinking at the social, and I can see myself bringing shit up with Bert. Either I will, or Grotto. Hah, ah well. I'll do my best to behave. I suppose... Though I'm sure things are settled enough to withstand some accidentally-on-purpose curiousity
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