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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
This isn't poly-related which is why I have chosen to post this here, but over the years I have struggled with how I should act towards people who I perceive have been a negative influence on my life.

So I found this story summary today that I think seems to sum about a great deal of wisdom in one short paragraph. It is paraphrased from the book "Zen Shorts", which some of you may know.

Here goes:

Two monks are passing through a flooded town when they see a rather cross-looking woman who is waiting for her attendants to carry her across the water-filled street. The older monk quickly picks her up, carries her across, and sets her down—only to have her shove him away without a bit of thanks. The younger monk stews over this woman’s rude behavior for the rest of the afternoon and then finally berates the older monk for even picking her up because she was obviously such a terrible person…a statement to which the older monk replies, “I set that woman down hours ago, why are you still carrying her?”

I just thought that I should share this with others, in the hope that it helps some of you as it has helped me.

I have been actively "setting people down" in the last few months and it feels SO great! It was hard at first. I felt so guilty-but the further I get from that starting point-the better I feel for it!!
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