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Greetings all.
I'm just feeling out love/life, soul searching. Looking for discussion, maybe advice.

I am a heteroflexible (a.k.a. possibly bisexual) girl dating a boy of the same persuasion. We've been together for about a year and a half, met in high school. He and I became poly a few months ago. He loves women, and I'm fine with that. He's been with two other girls so far: one relationship petered out, the other has been off and on for a few years and is now a steady long distance relationship. Recently, we had a joint crush on a girl, which was exciting, but that is no more.

My thoughts right now are this: is it kosher for me to seek out another male partner? My bf has had problems with it in the past (at first it was just him who was poly - with my consent, of course) and I'm wondering if it is even worth pursuing another person. We live together, are in love, and are best friends. (Of course, not a lot of people take that seriously, given the time we've been together and our age (18).)
He is more than ok with me being with another girl, but not so much with boys; in fact, he doesn't like me talking about them at all (whereas I love talking to him about his girl interests).

I'm wondering also: is this common in the poly arena?

That's all for now.

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