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Hi justdebbie,
Welcome to our forum.

Sorry your first post didn't take. Sometimes for whatever reason, a post gets caught in the spam filter and it takes awhile for the mods/admins to have a look at it.

Right now, I think the most important thing is that you and your husband are talking again. It's pretty awesome that you didn't get mad about the affairs, but then maybe both affairs are fading somewhat?

I reckon that the most important thing you can do right now is to try to keep the communication going with your husband, and if possible, to go to even deeper levels of thoughts and emotions that you express to each other. Both of you have been through a lot lately, and you probably need some time for recovery.

Look around on the various boards on this site and see if there are any threads that call to you. Post your thoughts and questions as desired/needed.

Even if you physical intimacy is lacking, it is good that you are enjoying some emotional intimacy. Keep that going, and let us know how things are working out.

Kevin T.
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