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Default Uh Oh Reality III

So there I was in what I felt like was a serious dilemma and I did what I always do, I sacrificed what I was feeling for Nails and continued forward to my home with the woman I was then certain would ruin my marriage. Now let me add a little in here cause I feel like Iím making Nails look like he takes advantage of my giving personality. He doesnít at all. I mainly take things and stuff them deep deep inside of me. I have this need to make the people around me happy and unfortunately I often hurt myself to do it. I have always been that way, since I was a little girl and I honestly donít see it changing anytime soon.

Ok soÖas I was saying the night for the most part was uneventful except for one point where Manson announced that the night before he was going to fuck me. ÖEr what? Now maybe I should have mentioned this before but I didnít. At one point we were in the pool and someone grabbed me from behind and placed their hand between my legs. This was before Giggles had kissed me and things were still just a bunch of drunks splashing around in the hotel pool. Anyway, maybe Iím naÔve but I had thought it was Nails, I mean he does stuff like that all the time. I leaned back expecting to feel my husbandís chest and instead I was greeted by a scruffy beard on my shoulder. Now normally this would have lead to someone getting a pretty decent left hook, but drunken Sortafairytale tends to get nervous then angry and I just quickly swam away.

So here we are in MY kitchen in MY home and I have creepy Manson telling me that I had full on wanted to spread my legs for him. I was flabbergasted I looked for to Nails for support but there is only one thing wrong with my drunken NailsÖhe finds humor in my anger and floundering around because he sees it so rarely. Giggles was no where to be found, Nails was laughing hysterically, and Mansonís face was begging for a left hook. I took a deep breath and as nicely as possible put it to him straight. ďYou never stood a chance! No offense Manson but my husband is a king at slinging me the dick I donít see any man swaying me away from him.Ē Ok so it was sorta bitchy but COME ON really!

Sadly what I should have taken as a drunken manís false boast, my mind twisted into a conspiracy. Had that been the plan? Manson would try to get me and then Giggles could have Nails? Was that why she kissed me because Manson couldnít bring it home? I know I know I can be paranoid but this was all new territory for me and frankly my system was shocked. I wasnít thinking like me, Nails wasnít acting like NailsÖit was all a lot to take in.

The rest of the night went on pretty uneventful. Giggles and Manson crashed on the couches and I took them back to the hotel the next morning. I went home and I went back to sleep. I think Nails had tried to talk about things at one point but I didnít want to. I canít tell you I was afraid of what he would say or if I was afraid of what I would say. Either way we didnít talk a lot about it.
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