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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Sounds very familiar.
My advice-just dont jump the gun and act on anything.
Start the topic without personal examples or anticdotes. Maybe start with something about Will Smith and Jaeda Pinkett (happy open marriage) or some other big name whose out as happily married and poly. I know there was a singer who came out poly... I can't remember her name. I think her husband was an author.....
Thanks, LovingRadiance, for mentioning Will and Jada -- I didn't know they were open! That's what happens when you are a mom to homeschooled kids -- little connection to the larger world! An interesting and non-threatening way to discuss polyamory to start...

And, curious -- what do you mean by saying "sounds very familiar"? Will I find stories here like mine? Where? I'd love to read more...

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