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At this point in time, you guys are taking an assessment of your feelings to figure out how you all feel about it and an assessment of your fitness as a "V" shape thing before trying to fly that mission. I commend you for talking first.

So at this point in time, you guys have an appointment to talk on Friday.
  • (You plus J)

Later it appears it became
  • (You <--> J)
  • (You + J) <--> T (how this couple communicates with this single and vice versa)
  • (You + T) <--> J
  • (You + J + T) (working as a team)

talking on Friday.

At this point in time, you encouraged T to talk to B and take the assessment on that tier also.
  • (T+J)

T took your advice and contacted.

You felt a wrinkle in the

(T+J) <--> you because you desire to be kept in the loop more. You discovered something about yourself.

There are many tiers to your polymath and checking to make sure each tier is good and healthy is wise.

You peeked at his phone and found that (T+J) Did talk (good) and are talking about being unsure. (disappointing to you.) Given the stakes and what is at risk and what is proposed, to feel unsure is not unreasonable. You are experiencing disappointment because they (at that point in time of the phone messages) are not appearing enthusiastic to you. They both still sound willing to talk on Friday. You have opportunity Friday to clarify if they are not enthusiastic at all, or willing but nervous.

How is this not honest? Nobody has lied to you. You are IN THE PROCESS.

It takes TIME to sort and discern.
  • You could not jump to conclusions that people are treating you bad when they are not.
  • You could not rush people in sorting out how they feel.

It could be that initially they were intrigued, but when facing the realities of polyshipping they are not sure they have the skills to do it well. And want to talk about their concerns on Friday and how that will be handled so they could feel relief and more comfortable. A fitness assessment talk is a fitness assessment talk. Are each of us fit? Are WE fit?

I get the wanting to know NOW, but you don't get to know NOW. You can only know YOU and your feelings NOW, on Wednesday. You live inside there.

You don't get to know NOW about them and their feelings in full. You have an appointment on Friday for that.
  • Could cultivate patience. You will need it in polyshipping.
  • Could practice emotional management in the waiting. You will need it in polyshipping.

How could forum people help you in the waiting time? What kind of support do you need?


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