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Unhappy Feeling Hurt

So my husband (t) likes to share me with other men sexually. We have had a few 3somes in the past. Recently he got one of his long time friends (J) to agree to have sex with me. Well I started having feelings for this person.

I expressed my feelings to T and he told me he didnt care if I asked J out and to be my boyfriend. After a few days of talking with T and just making sure it was ok, I asked J out.
To me it came as a total shock and surprise that he said Sure. So we made a date for this friday.

Yesterday I was texting J and asking him about work and told him I was excited about Friday. He said he was confused about it all. So I told him that I had feelings for him but I am still very much inlove with T. I told him I was going to go into more detail Friday, he said OK.

Right after that T came home from work looking like someone died infront of him. I kept asking what was wrong but obviously knowing already. He finally told me that he thinks he is going to get burnt in the long run. So I had him read the texts between J and me. He said he felt better and so on. But later last night he kept asking me about how things are going to work mostly in the future.

Honestly I told him I have no idea. We arent there yet. I told him I just wanted to take things slowly and and see where it went. I also told him that maybe he should text J and talk about it.

This morning when I woke up I asked T if he talked to J and T told me that he said that he would just talk to us on Friday. So I took T's cell phone and saw what was actually said.

T: so how to do feel about what B is asking you?
J: Eh, lol Im not really into it. I was going to talk to her about it Friday night.
T: Yea Im really effy on the whole thing


So now what. I dont know feel really hurt. I just want people to be honest with me. I took me a long time to even suggest this whole thing to T and now for it to be like this. I feel like the fool in this situation and instead of either of them getting burnt its me....
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