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After having agreed to my compromise last night (he spends time with her during the week, the three of us have play time together when I visit, but he and I have the rest of the weekend for just the two of us), he is now saying that I don't care much for our relationship and that I threatened it since I was setting up conditions and expectations.

After he cheated on me and lied about it, after he fell in love with this person when ours was not a polyamorous relationship to begin with, after he refused to give our relationship alone time when I visited, and after he continued to make suggestions for a poly household without first having talked to me about it...after all this, he is telling me that I have put our relationship at risk by setting up expectations. That our relationship and my love for him is so unstable that I would be with him only if he made certain compromises.

I am breathing very deep and trying to hold it together.
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