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Next time you're texting, just call her up and have a chat. Don't have any specific goals in mind, except just to enjoy a fun, light hearted interaction (although if you find yourself getting into serious stuff at some point, just let the conversation goes where it wants).

Then when the convo reaches a high point, suggest meeting up for a drink.

'I'd like to see you week for a drink would be good - nothing too heavy, nice and chilled. Monday or Thursday is good for does that fit in with you?'

And let her respond.

She may well ask you where you're thinking of, so have somewhere in mind - think logistics in terms of where you and she live, and the kind of place you like to go to. Personally I like to meet girls in a quiet lounge bar where music is playing not too loud, but just loud enough for an atmosphere. Ideally there is a comfy sofa or similar in a corner that we can get cosy together in (or at least a table in the corner where you can sit close to each other at).

Basically you take the lead all the way, without being domineering. Assume that she wants you to do this (she probably does from what you've already said). Many women are interested but won't actually take the lead in sorting out a date, making the first move, going in for the kiss you have to be willing to take on that responsibility.
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