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Default I need some dating advice!

Although I'm active in the main forums, this question is really unrelated to that, so I thought maybe I'd post here. W has a serious boyfriend and has had some FWB's in the last year. I've had really one FWB in that time, and would love another, or even something LT. Now here's the question: How to best approach a woman that I like, and that I think likes me?

I had met this woman a couple of times superficially through dinners or parties with friends. At a recent Mardi Gras party that we hosted at our home, this woman was there. She kept making eye contact, and we were both somewhat inebriated. Before long, and I'm not sure how all this started, we were making out like horny teenagers whenever we could manage to get ourselves alone. I'm talking serious dry humping, breast-sucking, etc. It's like she was sending off this amazing sexual energy and I could NOT keep my hands off her.

Since that night we've exchanged quite a few texts, mostly small talk, but a little about the open relationship my wife and I have. I'm not good at this kind of thing. How do I move to the next level? I keep wondering if her interest in me is real or if it was just drunken horniness. She is single for 10 years or so following a 5 year marriage, and says she's not currently in a relationship.
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