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You're taking a bit of a chance but most people enjoy the scent of cinnamon. I've yet to find someone who got grossed out by it.

It just makes you smell good. The cinnamon in the shoes makes your shoes smell good so when you take them off, there's no bad smell. Beware, it WILL stain socks so I suggest using dark socks or no socks at all and you want to use a small amount and only rarely. Too much too often and it will cake inside the shoe.

With your hair, get it wet or do it right after you wash it the day you go out. Get a plastic bottle of cinnamon (cheap stuff works just fine) and shake it with the lid closed. Open the bottle and squeeze with it upright and you'll get a puff of very fine cinnamon dust, best to do it out of the small holes designed for sprinkling. Aim that towards your hair and the dust will settle in your hair and stick because of the water. Close the bottle and shake it again after a couple of squeezes to get more dust. It adds a subtle cinnamon scent to your hair without being gritty and wont damage your hair.

You can do it with any spice but cinnamon tends to be the easiest/cheapest because it's so finely ground. I've done it with allspice before and that worked out well once I ran it through a grinder to make it finer, it has to be roughly the same consistency as powered sugar for best results. You can put the actual spice in your hair but that tends to leave grit in your hair and while it does give a stronger scent, the grit is highly undesirable.

I've had people I've made out with comment very favorably on my smelling like cookies XD Its been very successful thus far and its one of my favored tricks when going on a date.

Vanilla extract is also useful but you have to be careful with it because its easy to make it overpowering and the alcohol in it can stain/damage clothing as well as burn skin like a motherfucker.
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