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Talking Update! :D

CGG was falling in love with me, I was definitely not falling for him, the kissing did not happen again. No big deal.

What I really wanted to post about has nothing to do with relationships/being poly/ any such. I'M GONNA MOVE OUT!! First place on my own, and it looks like I might end up with a cute little raggedy house, plenty of rooms, & walking distance from the library. It sounds fantastic, and it's the cheapest house/apartment I've found yet, so the only question is exactly how raggedy it ends up being.

I just found it on craigslist this morning, no pictures posted, & it has plenty of chance to fall through- but hopefully I'll hear back from the owner sometime today & check out the house today or tomorrow. I might be living there in half a month!

I'm not sure I can express how EXCITED I am!!

In other news, I am developing in my identity as genderfluid. I'm not in the mood to get into it on here- I'm too excited about getting a house!- but I'm keeping up with that over here:
Omnisexual. (I am attracted to males, females, and any variation/in-between/lack thereof, but I am not "gender blind" which most pansexuals describe themselves as.)
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