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Default You did the right thing

By being honest about it you should realize that you are doing the right thing. Many relationships and friendships are wrecked because people do not have the courage be themselves, and sometimes it is not having that courage that is the only reason why things didn't work.

Being honest is also the surefire way to know that you are not crazy, that the confusion you feel being torn between a choice is just part of living and it will work itself out.

You shouldn't second guess your decision nor should you subject yourself to her tearing you down, trying to convince you how wrong you are. You cannot be wrong when being honest. I've been on both sides of the equation and I know it seems hard, but if she cannot quit the negative speech you would be better off not communicating with her.

You did the right thing, you are being true to yourself and her, and you cannot be responsible for her being upset, if you give into now it sets you up for being manipulated and she may not be honest enough with herself to even see it.

You were honest with her, there is nothing left to talk about if she is only going to make your life more difficult in an attempt to force you to be who she wants you to be. People who love you in ways that are healthy, want you to be yourself. I am sure it is hard on her too, but you have been honest with her, and you will not be able to have any sort of relationship with her that is healthy unless she is honest with herself.

You did and are doing the right thing, have faith in yourself

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