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Smile Taking It Slow

This is the second time my partner and I are trying to open up our relationship. The first time was a year ago, but we were in a difficult period in our relationship with unresolved feelings for a past partner ( my g/f). When we tried last year I felt very insecure because of our problems, and had a jealous meltdown the first time she went out with someone. Not my finest moment. Since then we've both attended individual and couples therapy and worked hard on our communication skills. In addition, I have moved into my own apartment, because I'm basically an introvert and value lots of solitude. Things are going well for us, and we feel very committed to each other. Recently my gf has developed a romantic interest in one of my friends. Since then the three of us have been hanging out lots, and we all really enjoy each others company. My partner and friend have been very flirtatious with each other, and our friend knows that we are both poly-positive, but haven't exactly opened our relationship. We have been having lots of talks about the possibility, and what our boundaries would be. I was previously in a poly relationship where my partner broke all our agreements in week two, and eventually left me for her new g/f. So, I wanna take things super slow. My g/f has asked me if it would be okay if she steps up the flirting and explores if there is mutual attraction. I told her to go ahead, and so far it's not bothering me at all. I feel we are communicating really well, I feel heard, and I'm not finding myself overly jealous. But I don't want to make a mistake and hurt anyone by not being able to handle it. Any advice?
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