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Default Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks to all of you for your feedback. Iíve decided to do nothing right now. This is what I needed to hear and I knew I could find the answers I was seeking from wives who can relate!

Anneintherain - I understand that my true desire is simply that she is okay and if she is okay then there is really nothing I need to do. Iíve already done all of the work which has been keeping healthy boundaries and because of that it is best that I do nothing at this time!

Cleo- I really like your idea of something they can share. And Iím thinking that this gift would be given laterÖ.not now. Any other ideas of things they could share?? I would be mailing it to them.

Hannahfluke-Your point really hit home for me. Thanks. This is what I needed to hear. My boundaries are back in place!
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