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I'm not sure what you mean by 'can't do any group related activities the first day.' ?? Can you elaborate?

I don't have social anxiety, but I do have a physical condition that keeps from doing a regular thing (like every week or every month).

I really like meetup for finding stuff to do. I am signed up with several groups that are very active, they have lots of things going on. So if I find myself with a day when I have strength and interest, I can find an activity to go to.

If you find things you're very interested in, that may help overcome the anxiety about the fact that people are involved. I go to things like discussion groups, in which it's perfectly acceptable to sit and listen. I also like to eat, and there are several social groups that do a dinner thing, and I like those. [which is a huge overcoming for me, in 8th grade, I could not eat in front of other people (besides family)]

It's also not date-focused, it's a way to meet people and think about (without the pressure) 'would I like to date this or that person?' But you don't have to DO anything about it. There's also the wonderful chance that someone might think you'd be a nice person to date, or to introduce to their brother or sister or bff.
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