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When I met her she was still married but that didn't stop her from following him around her house and at that point I assume they were just friends from work. time passed and his attentions were going to her more and talking to her more even though she by that time lived 2 hours away, and still does. This past oct. t all came to a head though and when he told me one thing and then did another. which was sleep with her before he made it clear to her that she was the other woman. Ive tried to be her friend only to have her stab me in the back. The final straw was her giving him a wedding band for christmas. Now he says he didnt see it as that but it was Ive asked friends men and women and they all feel that it was. She's also given me dirty looks when Ive tried to talk with them but he doesnt notice them and in fact he defends her and bashes me
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