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Ahh good ole KW...I am actually from Guelph, lived there 24 years before moving out west to BC. I spent a lot of time in London and Kitchener (as well as Hamilton) having some good times.

Guelph was a pretty open town when I was there, kind of had to be with almost 7 to 1 Girl to Guy ratio when school was in. Hillside festival always made for some interestng times. Met my Wife in town and flew out West to be with her

Where I live now is a very young town (18 to 25 is the average age and they tend to only live here for 6 to 12 months), so to be a practicing poly can be tough, there definitely aren't any groups for this location. Vancouver has an active scene, but at almost 2 hours away, makes it a chore to travel down sometimes.

Nice to meet you and good luck with the yuk yuk idea. I know Guelph for a while had a roaming yuk yuks roll through 2 or 3 times a week when I was younger. Seemed to do ok back then
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