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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
.I've yet to meet a lion who could help me grow as a person, maybe it's different with a crab, but in gemini/leo, gemini is the pusher of growth. I say that so if your dynamic is similar, don't be too disappointed if he can't help you out of your hiding or help you figure things out, you may just have to drive your bus to find ways to help yourself.

I'll just say as a lion need to be FIRM about what you want. Ask for it, and clarify because they will misinterpret it if it suits them (not maliciously, just because they are people pleasers). Maybe this isn't the case for your situation but, thought I'd throw it out there in case it rings true.
these are two very true paragraphs. he doesn't understand my hiding at all. we aren't really new to the arena, 13 years of work on this open relationship, but mine has been mostly academic, i haven't followed through with actual act, as he was very controlling about .... EVERYTHING!!! i am just to the point, maybe because i am approaching crone-dom that i don't accept the control anymore.

cancer/crabs are EMOTION (which drives him crazy), caring, nurturing, "motherish", we are ruled by the moon (and he is ruled by the sun) and we are very private people who tend to stay safe in the shell that protects that soft interior and not venture out. we can be lazy, possessive (bites me in the butt every time) and ....crabby! and to add insult to injury, i am a "cusp" cancer...i was born right before the sign change to leo, so i also have tendencies for drama, extroversion (my acting ) and i have a pretty wicked temper too. i just don't show it.

yes, this will be my blog area, but am always welcome to input, advise, questions, criticisms and concerns. thank you for your advise!
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