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Default Baking with "found" food

First, a little backstory. I tend to be a bit of a scrounger with almost everything, a modern hunter-gatherer if you will. I tend to stumble across a wide assortment of everything that usually gets used or passed on to someone else. Food is in that category, a skill developed out of a very low grocery budget and the need to feed a guy burning in excess of 4,000 calories a day.

One of my latest finds is several bags of wheat flour. Now, I'm a good cook, nay a really fucking good cook, but a crap baker. Apparently all the instincts I've honed for being good at cooking with no recipe are exactly the opposite of what I need to be even functional at baking. I borked a lavosh recipe for crying out loud.

So, that said, what the hell can I do with three pounds of wheat flour!? I want to use at least some of it but I have not even the faintest idea of what to do such that it can be eaten. I have a minimal amount of other ingredients to work with and not a huge budget for more.

I was looking at tortilla recipes but for some reason they call for regular AND wheat flour. My gut says to ignore the "other" flour and just use the wheat but as my wonderful ladyfriend Shell has pointed out, bread wont rise when I'm around out of sheer terror so perhaps my gut, well-attuned to matters of cooking as it is, is just not suited for making baking calls.

Any ideas?
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