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Default Chatting

The sms/chat-talk. I never guessed we would need to speak about this topic but Sward got a bit addicted. As I mentioned he build a friendship with Goody-Goody, neighbor's daughter. Goody is ten years younger than us and she loves her mobile. And what's app and how they are all called (I have an old Nokia, no chat programs and such, I hardly use sms either). This constant wrrrr, wrrrr got on my nerves. Especially when the noise isn't muted.

Some days ago I was lying on the couch, watching some show and Sward laid down next to me. Everything was fine … some minutes passed. Wrrrr, wrrrr … a new text. He answered, slightly turning away from me to have both hands free. I thought, OK, just a short notice, will be done in a minute. Not really -.- Another message, another message and another one and I was pissed. Leave the phone somewhere else when you want to spend some time next to me and WITH me, goddammit. So rude. I honestly don't mind them texting. Goody got enough stuff to text about for sure, still together with this … scumbag. But she lives next door! Go have a cup of coffee.

Of course he didn't see the reason why I was mad. I am chatting with my friends as well. Yeah right, when I am sitting at the PC. I don't take the PC with me wherever I go. It is a bit more difficult to restrict the 'OK-to-use-range' for a mobile but isn't it obvious that you shouldn't use it when interacting with someone right next to you? He came around to see my point after some minutes and it didn't happen again to this extent. But he clearly has a slight addiction there. I banned the damn thing from the bedroom already. But that happened some months ago.
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