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Default Need advice from married women with polyamory husbands

I met a guy and his wife almost three years ago. I'll call them Lee and Judy. Lee and I had an instant attraction. We danced and talked all evening. The chemistry was amazing!

We have stayed in touch and have done some things socially. Lee made it clear to Judy that he would like to have more of a connection with me including a sexual one and I also told my primary partner Richard that I would very much like to have an opportunity to spend more time with Lee.

Richard has been supportive, but Judy has been more hesitant. I have spent the time since we met making efforts to show Judy that I honor their 35 year marriage and that I am not a threat to their relationship.

This weekend, Lee and I spent an incredible night together for the first time with Judy's permission. I would like to send her a small thoughtful gift to represent my appreciation for her and to stand as a symbol to her that I will continue to honor what they have together.

After one of the most passionate and erotic nights of my life, my thoughts were on her today as I waited to hear from Lee that she is okay today. He assured me that "Judy seems very okay". I know things can come up later, so I will feel better if she still feels okay a week from now and even better if I can continue to see Lee occasionally with her blessings.

My question to you guys- what are some of the ideas you can come up with as a small gift to her- a simple small gift.

One thought I had was a small heart shaped crystal container with a top- the kind you can put earrings in etc. I have one at home and one at Richards house and I enjoy them.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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