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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
I'm going to step out onto a limb and say that the lack of written formal contract was not the catalyst for your relationship ending.
While off topic to the thread, you are correct.

LovingRadiance said
My reason isn't the honorable/dishonorable issue.
Since we put it in writing-we are always free to broach the topic of revisiting it and making changes, but it ensures that we all have a copy to reference about our agreements and know what we've agreed to.
I couldn't have said it better. My example for denying agreeing to poly is an extreme example. Something much smaller may be an understanding such as "I will let you know when my plans to come home for the night need to be canceled and why, preferably at least two days in advance, or when I become aware of the need to reschedule", and then discussing together not only the understanding, but also *WHY* one or the other feels the need for it.

One person may have different agreements with different partners, as long as those agreements don't conflict with each other. In the example above, I may desire to have the info, while his OSO might be more "go with the flow" and not need that in an agreement.
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