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I emailed Leo. It seems that we are heading on a path of healing? Maybe?

I now know that I don't need to be distant. It seems I was always in a position of being a friend and he was not able to fulfill a partnership with me. I got to hear an apology about the emails I got back then and now know that they were sent out of hurt. I also heard that he had been glad to see me and was glad to get my email. I wrote back and explained that I was unable to meet as friends back then but had not intended that to be a life long thing. I didn't know that he wanted to be friends by the emails he wrote. I understood that we were done in every sense of the word.

I thanked him for the apology and thanked him for the information I now have.

Today I went to a Chinese New Years lunch with a group of people that are all linked to him in some way. I found it mildly humorous that I was scolded for writing about him here anonymously while he and his wife are known by many people in the community by their own accord. Nothing to do with me. They leave their own trail and that trail has names attached.... mine doesn't. I don't link that connections up for anyone and I don't pass on their info or anyone else's when I spend time with others. Believe me, I would love to... there had been times when I have stopped myself from saying "ya, not what I have heard" but, ...I don't.
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