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Default Hey kc

Maybe for us it's a glass half full/half empty thing.

Yes, we spent a long time exploring paths that didn't go where we want to be. It's so easy for that to feel like wasted time. Half empty?

But we still have time left to try new things, learn new things, become more at ease with ourselves, and more honest with ourselves and others. Half full?

Six months ago, I joined a forum for people who were wigged out by their own sexual orientation. I had no idea exactly what I was. I wanted a label for myself. It was really hard. Now, I am totally comfortable saying to internet strangers, "yeah, I'm bisexual, currently with a woman, maybe both starting to date a guy." So change is happening, moving toward the truth of who I really am.

That makes the glass half-full, I guess, and not just that but full of something really good, like homemade lemonade, or vanilla chai ice tea. Yum.
I'm just really glad that I didn't get to the age of 70, and only then start asking myself these questions. Then the only thing in the glass would have been my false teeth.
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