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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I have experienced similar reactions Boring.
But-as an interesting aside,
3 of my siblings are actively non-monogamous and one would be if he wife weren't adamantly against it (while she continues having affairs that we all know about)...
Makes one wonder about the whole family thing.
We aren't biological and none of the parents are non-monogamous. But, there's some similarity there.

If my mother were still alive and complained about my open relatoionship, she'd get a lecture from ME about how wrong she is for being in a cheating dadt relationship with a married man and how right i am for being in an OPEN open relationship where nobody is sneaking around behind anyone else's back. I was not allowed to criticize or say anything negative about her relationship with her boyfriend (he was the one cheating on his wife who knew about it but looked the other way) but she was constantly deciding that other people's relationships weren't "serious" because of some criteria that didn't match her system.
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