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I just wanted to tell you about my Diva cup.
(and start a new thread for the ladies to discuss stuff that would interest us)
I love my Diva cup. I had one about 15 years ago that was made of some kind of natural rubber and it was good, but now they make them with silicone and it rocks.
Okay, its not for the faint of heart. It does involve being intimately involved with your menstrual blood. Its a bit of a challenge if you are going out and have to use a public bathroom. Its a bit of a challenge during heavy flow times as it needs emptying often. However, you can have sex with it in! This was big for me (ahum... And others ). Unlike a tampon that you take out before sex it can stay in and your vaginal passage stays lubed up with natural juices. As us ladies know, tampons dry the whole thing out. I find it most useful in the latter part of my moon period as it can be left in for long periods of time to catch the end stuff. My vagina doesn't taste like old menstral blood because of this too.

No apologize if you've read this guys. You came here of your own volition (who knows, maybe this thread will be helpful to your women folk too).
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