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Firstly, sorry that my response is a bit late, I had a pretty busy last few days. ^^;

Firstly, I want to know where I stand. A relationship with A would be nice, but to be honest, I don't have my hopes very high for that. And while I like B a lot, I am not sure if my feelings would be enough for a relationship with him at the moment.
He said that he could imagine a future with me, whatever that looked like, but that can mean so many different things...

Sometimes, I think that he equals an open relationship with being poly. (I know that a poly-relationship can be an open relationship, but not every open relationship is a poly-relationship, right?)
And exclusive... I don't know. I don't want him to break up with B, or give up this fling-thing he has with this other guy if he can give him something I can't (that being true doesn't mean it can't hurt)... Maybe gender-exclusive, if that makes sense? Like, he can make out with other guys, but (preferably) not with other girls? Yeah, probably doesn't make any sense...
I never have been in any relationship that wasn't exclusive, so this is totally new for me. Although a few years back I thought about how this whole concept could/might apply to me.

Although I'm afraid that A still says something noncommital and B is as confused by this whole thing as I am. I might be wrong, though.

Yeah, that's what A said about B. I guess he means that B is bisexual but prefers guys. (Cause it didn't feel like no attraction those nights...)
And yes, we did hang out. All three of us and separately. Although I don't hang out with B as often as I would like.

I'm not sure if anything of what I wrote makes any sense. I'm still trying to figure my feelings out and this whole poly-thing is new to me, too...
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