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Default The Voyages of Starship Enigmatic

What is this shit I keep seeing? Someone please try to explain it to me so I can understand. Every message board I have joined or lurked on seems to get this, so it isn't peculiar to this site.

Forum about polyamory: "I probably don't belong here. I am into recreational sex/swinging/cheating and my partners don't know about each other and don't tell their other partners about me."

Forum about being child-free: "I probably don't belong here. I don't have any kids now, but as soon as I find a person willing to inseminate my ovum, I plan to have at least one child. But I really like being child-free!"

Forum about vegan cooking: "I probably don't belong here. I'm usually vegan, but sometimes I eat chicken and fish. Anybody got any good vegan recipes with chicken or fish in them?"


Why do people do this, then get bent out of shape when folks try to explain to them that they made an error in their understanding of "vegan", "childfree", or "polyamorous"? Why do other people get bent at the people who try to explain it to them? Why do people go on forums ASKING for rejection, then get all boo-hoo-sniff-you're-judging-me-and-you-don't-even-KNOW-me when they get what they ask for?

These are the voyages of the Starship Enigmatic... It's continuing mission: to explore strange new words; to seek out new paths toward alienation; to boldly go where no one has ever heard of Wikipedia before.

DUN, dun-dun-DUN, dun-Dun-DUN! Da-da-da-DUN-dun-dun, dun-dun-dun-DUN....

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