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Default Hello! New poly and married...

Hello everyone. I am very glad to have found this board. I am sure I will have many questions to post here and I hope that I may also be able to provide support to others.

My husband and I have been married for 5 years. A year ago I brought up the possibility of opening our marriage. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. We are very much in love and I would never want to leave him. Many hours of tears and talking later he said he was willing to try and walk this path with me. (I know...he is amazing.)

Through learning about the different models and styles of non-monogamy I came to an important realization about myself. I have always loved more than one person at a time. This generated a lot of hardship in past (mono) relationships. I was always so torn and I never understood why it felt I was "supposed" to only have feelings for one person at a time. People are all so different! Why choose? So I came to the conclusion that I truly am poly. Suddenly what I have felt all my life and how I love made sense.

Fast forward to now. Even though we made some headway in opening the doors last year nothing happened. Mainly because I was not actively looking. Just knowing that he could understand my ability and desire to love and connect with others was immensely reassuring. I have recently met someone online and we are very interested in each other. I am dedicated to absolute honesty and integrity in this and my husband knows everything. I have not met the other face to face yet...we are still working out the when and where. But we talk almost every day and are beginning to really care about each other. I am in no rush and open to whatever happens. Needless to say this has been a very difficult time for my husband. I know we will have questions to post here as we find our way along this path.

Thank you all for creating such a supportive place here. I feel like I have come home.

Much love,

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