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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
But this is the post you wrote when you started this thread:

So, could you make up your mind, please? which is it? Do you have a Master or don't you? Are you looking for one or aren't you? Is it "impossible" or not?

Yes, I feel like I do. But perhaps on that day I felt frustrated. Or too alone. My master and I are learning each other I think.

Letting go of your own power, when you are very strong, isn't easy. At the same time, you are building trust (if the relationship is to grow and blossom), and both must occur when you meld with someone else. People aren't linear equations; we have quirks and issues affecting us that can put a kink in things.

I modeled the OP basically on what my master has awakened in me. And I hope and pray that it continues to progress. That is all I know.

I'm sorry if my post confused anyone.
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