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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
At first she really struggled with that, since it's completely against her nature and every relationship she's ever had. But her husband came to our rescue and explained to her that if she came in too hard & heavy, she would scare me away. It took her a lot of processing and self-control, but she scaled it back. Now she basically thanks me for teaching her independence in relationships, so that's kinda cool.
I think I relate to your gf.. seriously that is me.. and I am learning to scale back.. any more info would be appreciated on maybe some things that helped her scale back... I am one that likes interactions, and conversation even if it is mundane makes me feel like were still connected.. again.. I haven't did a background intro on my self which i really need too.. but due to my youth I was left alone almost half my life, until I met T.. I can't stand to be alone. nor can I stand not to have interaction.. so with that.. I relate to your gf.. how ever I don't think I fall hard and fast.. I am cautious but need the but I do come in hard and heavy.. so thanks for posting this .. I am learning self control now.. hell I am learning a lot more about self then Imagined I would right now it must be a growth time.. any how Thanks again for posting this..
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