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Well, I often say thank god I am poly. My primary's sex drive comes and goes... she gets angsty and emotional about stuff and it seems to kill her sex drive. Whereas when I am emotionally stressed, I enjoy sex as a stress reliever.

So, in the 4 years she and I have been together, I've almost always had a lover or 2 or 3, some were intimate, with returned feeling of fondness, some were mere playpartners. The last year, I've had a real bf -- a romantic, intimate and sexual relationship.

However, even though I have an overnight sex filled date with him one day a week, I still feel frustrated with and rejected by my gf when she is in her sexless slumps, on the other days of the week and month!

She is still romantic and intimate, naked and cuddly and kissy on her "no sex" days, which makes things worse. I get turned on and can't express myself by fucking her. On those sexless times of the month I feel more like her mom or caretaker than her lover. Bleh. She always comes back around, but I am such a horndog (like NYCindie) it kinda drives me nuts.
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