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Default lion and crab-lion

i am a big astrology buff and i am attributing our signs to ourselves....i think that this will be my way of titling us....i am no longer jen i am the crab!

and you add in the two~faced twin, you have my dynamic. so we are the lion, the crab and the twin....what does that make d?....absent. being in California at the time, she is no longer really a lover, but a true long-distance girlfriend, and we get along fine.

i am technically right now involved in a and my lion for ever and a day...or 17 years as friends and 15 years as lovers. he and the twin have been acquaintances for 10 years and girlfriend/not quite lovers for 1. both households hit hard times and we lived together for almost 7 months. that was the hardest 7 months of my life. she just moved out in january, but now we are to my dilemma.

the twin has become dependent on the lion. she needs contact every day. she is understandably upset with a growth that she found in her lower pelvic area that has to be biopsied next week. i understand that. and i feel like shit begrudging her the time she needs to spend with her close friend/almost lover. but i am so fucking tired of hearing her name. i want a twin free and i mean free day, and i am not going to get it. i understand if i want my freedom in further relationships, i need to give him his....but i don't like it.

d. was always a state away, and she was so fucking independent that i have no issues with their relationship. they have been together almost from the start of our open relationship, and she is a dear and valued family friend.

i hate living in the same town as the twin, just a 10 minute walking distance from our house. she lived in the next town over when this started and i could handle that as we had time apart, neither had a car to get back and forth with consistently. this close proximity has wrought problems that i didn't foresee, being so open minded and all that.

i know that the relationship between the lion and the twin is fraught with sparks, adding fire and air. it seems up to me sometimes to be the water to drown out the flames.... blah.
crab-lion: 42 y/o bi woman domestic partner w/lion
lion: 39 male hetero domestic partner w/crab-lion
twin: bi woman lion's girlfriend/almost lover
d: hetero woman lion's long distance girlfriend
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