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It doesn't help she has a host of issues herself. He worries she's going to hurt herself if he leaves, and I say well is it smart to have someone in your life that is unstable. Its all a game, she's using her anxiety and depression issues as a way of keeping him on.

While that is a possibility,
to make an error is judgement is a dead person. Better to be generous and believe people.

So believing that she is suicidal? the thing to do is call 911 or have her check into ER for voluntary commitment. He could call her parents if he's worried she's gonna off herself. Get the hurting patient to health care professionals or to the people (parents) that will take her there.

It is inappropriate to do NOTHING.

YOU could call her or her people with your concerns for her well being.

YOU could give her the
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

YOU could ask to see her safety plan so you know who to call in case of emergency on her behalf.

I know you have polyshipping problems with emotional management and time management and needs not being met. Those are big problems. I am not minimizing them at all.

But all problems take a back seat to "dead woman walking" -- it is a LIFE at risk. So could take steps to get this patient to care. Stop dating because you do not date fragile.

Just step away if dating her time is just NOT the time right now when she's unwell in her head.

Could choose to be a true friend instead and rise to the challenge in APPROPRIATE ways.

My 2 cents,
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