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Ceoli, here are some thoughts:

Yeast overgrowth can be caused by pH imbalance, true but the underlying pH imbalance might need to be addressed, too. Are you eating well? Lots of different types of foods and of different colors? Avoiding alcohol? Sugar? (this seems to trip people up who have frequent yeast issues) Hydrated? Not too stressed?

Have you considered having your blood sugars tested? Sometimes an overgrowth of yeast can be secondary to chronic (if borderline) hypergylcemia, aka, diabetes.

Yeast is slow to grow and slow to die and will often require treatment lasting longer than the resolution of symptoms.

OTC remedies like monistat and lotrimin aren't working? Could it be Bacterial Vaginosis and not yeast? Nearly 1/3 of all women will wrestle with BV at some point in their adult lives. A simple culture can help you know exactly what you're dealing with.

Indigo, I've laid out repeatedly in this thread the preventative measures that I've been taking. I'm well aware of the links between blood sugar and yeast infections and already mentioned more than once that I have reduced my sugar intake (though honestly it was never very high to begin with) I regularly have my blood sugar tested because diabetes runs in my family but as of my last blood test (1.5 months ago), I'm still well within healthy blood sugar levels. I've repeatedly mentioned that I make a point to eat live culture yogurt. I am very intentional about my diet and overall health. I've also only ever used water based lube and don't wear pantyhose or tight underwear.

I'm also well aware of BV and have been cultured and treated for it in the past. BV has very different characteristics than yeast infections. When I suspect it, I make a point to go back to the gyn to have a culture. I've done OTC remedies as well that haven't worked.

I do appreciate you taking the time to write all this, but I'm not looking for a lifestyle lecture about me and my vagina. I was simply wondering what other remedies people may have found that work for them. I'll look up FemDophilus and RepHresh. Those might be helpful, so thanks.
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